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Product Rework and Repair

Product rework is something no one wants to need but which every good supply chain must include. This is because rework procedures are only needed if something has gone wrong and a manufacturing error needs to be rectified before a product can move towards fulfillment. Since errors can and will occur, rework and repair procedures are an important part of manufacturing logistics and are part of how Lean Supply Solutions aims to improve efficiency across operations.

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Goals of Product Rework

Rework procedures have several connected goals that help support the logistics process and ultimately lead to an improved customer experience as well as better manufacturing practices.

  • Maintain inspection/testing practices that can identify errors before the product reaches the customer
  • Repair defects swiftly while minimizing rework costs to recapture value
  • Reintroduce the product to the supply chain with minimal disruption
  • Identify root cause of the error and take steps to prevent future occurrences

Product Inspection and Testing

This falls under the category of manufacturing logistics and is the launching point for rework and repair practices. Depending on the product in question, different types of inspection may be warranted. Some products can be properly assessed by a visual inspection while others may need to be physically tested. It is possible to arrange for 100% visual inspection but 100% testing cannot always be feasible. In these situations, finding the happy medium between testing and speed will play a large role in the rework procedure's efficiency. Inspecting items provided by off-shore contractors may also fall under this category.

The Repair Itself

The type of repair that your product rework calls for will vary based on item and your business in general. Rework could be as simple as replacing an inaccurate label or as involved as replacing parts or welding on new fixtures or materials. In some cases, the error may be such that the most efficient option is to simply scrap the item entirely and get a new one. Lean Supply Solutions places an emphasis on recapturing value and maintaining lean and efficient practices. Our repair procedures follow this philosophy and strive to preserve customer satisfaction through it.


Rework adds a level of undesirable variation to the supply chain both when taking products out for repair and when trying to reintroduce them. In cases where reworks become a regular occurrence, this can even drain away manpower as employees get specifically assigned to work on them. The other additionally important matter is customer satisfaction. Lean Supply Solutions strives to maintain the customer experience and has procedures in place that will efficiently fulfill orders even in cases of rework delays.

Rework Prevention

Errors are inevitable, but most are still avoidable. Part of manufacturing logistics is to reduce the potential for flaws in production whether caused by human error, material defect, some quirk of the production process, or other reason. This is where data-driven solutions can be a large help. Making the most time- and cost-effective remedies requires getting a full understanding of the situation. Accurate data on operator and employee behavior, inspection practices, and the nature of reworks can be used to derive improvements and keep everything running smoothly.

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