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Repackaging & Packaging in Supply Chains

Packaging and repackaging are essential parts of any successful warehousing and distribution effort, whether conducted on your own or in concert with a third-party logistics (3PL) partner. At Lean Supply Solutions, we invest in providing our clients with quality packing and repackaging services as part of our 3PL warehousing practices.

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Packaging Management

Packing is not just putting something in a box and calling it a day. In the world of logistics, packing is an important part of the supply chain. It is the period when documentation and records are compiled and goods are sorted and stored. In addition to this handling and record-keeping, packing can play directly into your shipping costs. Carriers are a big fan of "dimensional weight" pricing nowadays, which means your packages need to be as space-efficient as possible in order to get the best rates. In other words, Lean Supply Solutions' expert packing procedures provide clients with properly packaged parcels at an affordable cost.

Repackaging Management

Repackaging is a type of value-added service that takes place whenever a change or reconfiguration needs to be made to a product. Most 3PL warehousing and distribution providers offer some level of repackaging, though not all do so for the same reasons. One of the more common reasons for repacking a product is to move it into your company's personal branded packaging rather than use what the manufacturer sends it in. Other possible reasons can include making adjustments based on unique customer requests or to make a change to any pre-assembled kits your warehouse makes use of.

Repacking procedures are not limited to just adjusting a parcel's contents, however. The process encompasses a few related tasks that can be of vital importance for maintaining accountability or the integrity of the product itself. For instance, any goods that are temperature-sensitive will require proper and careful monitoring during the repacking steps in order to prevent spoilage or damage. Effective tracking and labelling is going to be required for repacking as well in order to make sure unit numbers, cartons per case, and other potential details are accurately reflected.

Lean Supply Solutions is a third-party logistics order fulfillment and supply chain management company in Toronto.