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eCommerce Integration

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No matter the industry, online e-commerce is slowly replacing brick and mortar stores and traditional methods of interacting with their customers. The growing number of small startup retailers and large geographically dispersed and established retailers everyone is facing the same dilemma of efficient, fast ecommerce order fulfillment.

Harmony’s ecommerce integration API (Application Programming Interface) further allow for customers and supply chain partners to leverage the ecommerce integration to seamlessly share inventory event information.  Currently working on integrations with stores and services like shopify, amazon, opencart, woocommerce and others. We contiunually add more integrations per customer request.

Lean efficient and fast order fulfillment for e-commerce rests on some complex  technology that can take orders from the website and immediately transmit them for Lean fulfillment.

Delays at this stage mean lost time to deliver orders. On time deliveries mean happier customers.

Harmony ecommerce integration allows for Lean Supply Solutions to receive orders immediately after payment, pick, pack and ship them all within same day. Currently integrated with following stores , these integrations can be implemented very quickly.