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ERP Integration

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Today’s ERP software from SAP, Oracle, Epicor and countless others focus on many functions in an enterprise but usually implement very basic warehouse and distribution feature set.     Enter Harmony ERP integration un-restricted by old technology base or feature set, it seamlessly integrates with ERP to provide the two way interface to inventory management in a 3PL environment.


Harmony ERP integration can unshackle the limitations of your ERP software.

Unlimited SKU cross-reference

Maintain and manage unlimited amount of SKU references and cross-reference with SKUs by different channels and end shipping points or your supplier SKUs

Accurate decisions

Instantaneous inventory and orders status feedback back into ERP allows for quick and precise decisions.

Inbound control

EDI and Advance Shipping Notification provide more detailed information of incoming goods which can be feed back into ERP backend for even greater control.

Unshackle the limitation of ERP software to implement LEAN kanban replenishment and pull based replenishment systems throughout your supply chain network.