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Designing and operating facilities that deliver bottom-line
benefits is at the heart of all our solutions.

Retail Distribution

Lean Supply Solutions utilizing a blend of state of the art technology, quality operations and years of experience supporting clients delivering to retail companies across US and Canada, can provide cost effective services while ensuring strict adherence to your end-clients requirements. With Lean Supply Solutions extensive experience in this field, understanding and meeting your end client’s requirements is focus of our operations. While directly shipping and supporting our clients distribution requirements to retail end customers, we have been able to develop extensive data base and solutions set to ensure seamless delivery of your goods.

Supply to .com channel

Efficiently able to fulfill multi channel requirements shipping directly to stores, distribution warehouses, pool points or direct customer through .com sale channels (i.e. Walmart.com, Bestbuy.com,etc)

Meet Requirements

Each retailer’s requirements are maintained within our proprietary WMS ensuring we can effectively manage and fulfill orders to your end customer specifications. Items such as barcode labeling requirements, routing specifications, packing slip formats, MABD dates, cancel dates, pallet load requirements, etc. are maintained

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Mixture of volume

Effective solutions to handle mixture of volume from full pallet to case pick to individual item picks.

Save on Transportation

Ability to effectively work with your end customer transportation processes, using clients transportation accounts or offering cost effective transportation solutions by utilizing our trusted contracted partners while enjoying volume based discounts through LSS based discounts