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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Platform as a Service (SCPaaS) is a cloud based offering allowing clients to take advantage of scalable, secure, flexible on-demand cloud computing while utilizing latest technologica advancements in mobile technology and software architectures.

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Supply chains encircle seemingly unrelated and irrelevant events together with thousands of gigabytes of reference data which seems like chaos. Like notes in music, un-arranged they become noise but when co-ordinated, correlated, sequenced they can form beautiful harmonies of music.   Harmony Logistics Platform as a Service.

Our Supply Chain Harmony platform is a set of technologies for executing and co-relating seemingly unrelated events into cohesive and harmonious information stream that will be used to optimize and streamline your supply chain.

The "supply chain" is not a single entity, though it is often referred to as such. Any time a product reaches a customer, it has done so because of a combined effort by multiple groups and businesses, each one with its own management and goals. Ineffective logistics arise when companies devote their attentions to their own activities without regard for how they fit into the larger whole. Supply chain management, therefore, is the act of overcoming this limitation. It takes each service of the supply chain and coordinates it into a conscious attempt to deliver quality results. We at Lean Supply Solutions offer supply chain management as a central part of our services.

What Supply Chain Management Does

The simplest way to explain supply chain management activities is that they are all efforts to improve efficiency and effectiveness across all stages of the supply chain. Any supply chain service is a potential target for management activities, and the actions frequently cover multiple stages of the logistics and fulfillment process. This covers matters like how products are distributed, material sourcing, manufacturing quantity, quality testing, product storage, and more.

Another aspect is that supply chain management concerns itself with the flow of information just as much as physical goods and material. The way information and orders flow from suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to consumers and back again heavily shapes how each step of the supply chain interacts with one another and the impact this has on the consumer.

Working Towards the Perfect Supply Chain

The perfect supply chain services are ones in which stock is kept to the minimum necessary to meet customer orders. Every product that gets made gets sold. Every product that gets bought gets shipped out and arrives quickly, in good condition, to the correct customer. Minimized costs mean maximized profits.

A perfect supply chain is, of course, impossible. Errors are inevitable in any system, and practices, technology, and consumer habits and interest will change regularly. What is considered the most efficient model today will not necessarily hold the position a year from now.

This is why effective supply chain management is also a process of continual evaluation and tinkering. In addition to coordinating information, activities, and devising ways to reduce costs or enhance processes, supply chain management is a constant search for data. How fast are orders fulfilled, how many errors happen, what kinds of errors, how does this process for one product compare to that process for another? This material supplier can deliver faster but that one can do more volume—which leads to better results? You've just switched up a process--what do you need to track to see if you're getting the expected improvements? These questions, and many more, are all data-driven and require accurate and fully formed assessments in order to produce informative and ideal answers that can enhance the supply chain overall.

The Lean Methodology

Lean Supply Solutions is a third-party logistics order fulfillment and supply chain management company in Toronto. Our operations are based around the Lean Methodology, a proven philosophy focused on eliminating any operations, equipment, or resources that are not capable of adding value to our clients' supply chain. By striving to ensure that the right products are provided to the right customers at the right time, Lean Supply Solutions is able to offer consistent, accurate, and quality results.

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