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Stock Room

stockroom_mainStarter application for tracking inventory in a stock room, locker or storage area. Ideally it is suited for managing inventory of items like

Office Supplies
Spare equipment
Paper and mail supplies
Self Storage
Maintenance vehicle inventory
Tool room
Developed to be simple to use and easy to maintain where you can easily perform the basic set of actions to keep accurate inventory accuracy.
Designed, developed and supported by inventory and supply chain company which utilized over two decades of inventory management experience to help you achieve and maintain high degree of inventory accuracy easily and efficiently.
Perform actions like

define items you want to track
take picture of item you are tracking
perform a receipt of items into a storage room
pick and use items from your stock.
Keep detailed log of receipts and items leaving the storage room
E-mail list of received items
E-mail list of items being used
E-mail item history
E-mail item current stock
In your device setting personalize the application with settings for

Room name
Room location
Company name
This app will continue to be developed, enhanced and supported based on supply chain industry best practices, customer feedback and feature suggestions.
If you are expanding your inventory and outgrowing your current storage capabilities or if you would like to explore options for utilizing industry leading company to fast track your supply chain strategy, See Lean Supply Solutions Services profile for your upgrade options. Let us help you bring your Supply Chain capabilities and efficiencies to world class levels, allowing you to focus on your core business needs.